Pure Creatine Monohydrate for strength, power and

WHEN During loading and maintenance, one of the
servings should be taken before and/or after training.

»» Positive effects on strength and power
»» Improved post-exercise recovery
»» Enhanced aerobic endurance performance in trials
lasting more than 150s

USN’s Micronized Creatine provides the purest, most
readily absorbed creatine monohydrate available.
Creatine serves as a high energy bond in muscle and
nerve tissues for maintenance of ATP levels during
muscular contraction. The power provided by creatine
monohydrate is unmatched in its ability to boost your
muscle’s training intensity and endurance. Creatine
supplementation has further proven to buffer lactic acid
build-up during training and enhance muscle recovery.
USN’s Micronized Creatine is suspended in its purest
state for optimal absorption and bio-availability.
NAFDAC NR: C1-4860
NAFDAC NR: C1-4860
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