A fast-absorbing whey protein concentrate, isolate &
hydrolysate drink with Tolerase™ L, formulated for
optimal digestion.

WHEN Upon waking. Before workout to ensure
optimal amino acid levels. After workout to help with
amino acid replenishment. Before bed time to help
efficient protein uptake requirements during sleep.

»» Protein helps build and repair body tissues
»» Contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass

USN is dedicated to innovation in formulating the
most advanced nutritional supplements to help you
achieve optimum physical performance. Once again,
USN has created a new benchmark by formulating
Whey +. It’s scientifically proven that whey is the
highest BV (Biological Value) protein available
in nature. Research has shown that the highest
rate of nitrogen retention is achieved with whey
protein. USN’s new Whey + provides the highest
quality protein per serving for rapid uptake and its
conversion into amino acids and muscle mass by your
NAFDAC NR: C1-4850
NAFDAC NR: C1-4850
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